Aquatic Freshwater Ecosystem

Zooplankton & littoral micro invertebrate analysis

Zooplankton and micro invertebrates are important components of aquatic food webs and extremely sensitive to changes in their environment. They are the aquatic “canary in the coalmine” that limnologists use to determine the health of an aquatic ecosystem. Our expertise

Bioassays Freshwater Ecosystems

Aquatic biodiversity assessment

Dr Shiel is Australia’s foremost expert of rotifers (microscopic animals that live in freshwater and seawater) and cladocerans (tiny aquatic crustaceans often called water fleas). They are two of the most abundant groups of aquatic micro invertebrates and help to

Freshwater ecosystem

Wetlands monitoring

We understand our clients have highly specific reporting requirements to satisfy Federal and State statutory agencies. We provide: Baseline surveys of micro invertebrates, Stygofaunal identification, Ecotoxicology reports, Water quality monitoring, Wetlands monitoring, Digital Imaging-DIC, Helicon Stacking, Scanning Electron Microscropy services.

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